Webster Kindergarten Class-1960

Young Historians of Henryetta
Webster Kindergarten Class
Webster Kindergarten Class 1960
Please let us know if you can identify the DK’s (don’t know).
Front row: Mickey Osmond, DK, Paul Richeson(?), DK, DK, DK, DK, Paul Bumpus, Joan Carriage (?), Nell Garrett, Ruth Ann Shurden
2nd Row: John Dacus, Gene Autry Anderson, Andy Garbart, DK, Sondra Herron, Marjorie Haynes
3rd Row: DK, DK, DK, Chuck Richeson, DK, Karen Crow, Barbie Lust, DK, Dick Cameron
Back Row: DK, Ronnie Roland, Bill Huddart, Roy Rakestraw, DAnna Steckelberg, Pat Reed, Richard (DeVaughn?), John Greiner, Bill Miller

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