Webster 3rd Grade Class-1960

Webster 3rd Grade Class of 1960
Webster 3rd Grade Class of 1960
First row: Left to Right
Lanny Allen, Allen Wardsworth, Ruth Ann Shurden, Rex David Stith, Barbara Lust, Gene Autry Anderson, Linda Perry, Jimmy Hudson, Paul Bumpus and Charles Blackmon
2nd row: Left to Right
Billy Huddart, John Greiner, DAnna Steckelberg, Jackie Majors, Pat Reed, Dick Cameron, Judy Berry, Charles “Chuck” Richeson, Flora Jones and Ronnie Rolen
3rd row: Left to Right
Butch Loman, Roy Rakestraw, Bill Miller, John Work, Carrie Catherine Moore, Carleton Clay, Sondra Herron, John Dacus and Mike Vaughn

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