Preserving Your History for our Future

Young Historians of Henryetta

Young Historians of Henryetta

Seeks to enhance the understandings of the importance of history in our community to all young people of Henryetta. To enhance their understandings of how historical knowledge intersects with art, dance, music, theater to create public awareness of the past via movies, exhibits, and special events. To guide them through “real life” experience with history and encourage them to gain an appreciation for the subject and how it relates to their artistic passion and endeavors.

Mission Statement

The Young Historians of Henryetta, “preserving your history for our future“, is a independent organization made up of young historians and supporters  to identify, collect, preserve and exhibit the superlative historical resources of Henryetta.

What We Do

  • 2 hours per month volunteer service
  • 2 annual community service projects
  • Annual out of town trip
  • Learn business administration
  • Learn historical preservation
  • Learn computer/internet technology for historical cataloging.

When do you meet?

To be announced

Where do you meet?

To be announced

How do I join?

Anyone can join by filling out a short form online.

Like us on Facebook
Like us on Facebook

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